Every business wants to grow and every business has something special, its own DNA of opportunity, that is either not exploited, or needs to be more distinctive to stand out in a crowded, highly-competitive marketplace. 

Identifying opportunities, defining what success means to your business and what practices or techniques you should adopt to be market leaders in your segment, can be challenging for innovators, but essential if you want to increase your chance of innovation success. 

The UK innovation foundation NESTA believes UK companies should do much more to match their creative excellence with commercial success.  They need to develop their business strategy skills, their planning and their marketing.

This is why BxBy exist. 

 "Innovation is messy, unpredictable and risky, and success is never guaranteed.
But by learning as much as we can about how innovation happens,
we can be smarter in the way that we pursue opportunities,
develop new things and plan for change."  

We will help a business by identifying its unique DNA of opportunity, tackling the challenges head-on and then developing smart ways to maximise its commercial potential.

Importantly, when we have agreed a direction, we don't walk the other way.  We stay with you working as partners or mentors to help develop your business ideas, manage change, deliver growth and get you from position X to Y.


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