Need BxBy? Here's why

light bulbDeveloping brands, products or services in a complex global marketplace is challenging. Our specialist experience and competencies include:

  • Management and development of global distribution channels.
  • Sales and marketing strategy development and implementation.  
  • Award-winning PR and social media expertise.
  • Business development; forging alliances and business partnerships.
  • Customer insights and service support. Relationship development and dealing directly with the needs of customers.
  • Management of multi-disciplinary design projects.
  • Exploitation of intellectual property and management of development processes; vital when innovation and style drives margins. 
  • Global retail and eCommerce know-how.
  • Supply chain collaboration and optimising partnerships.
  • Finance and investment; business planning, roadmaps for development, funding, succession, building awareness or exit.
  • Regulation and conformity.


Services that stimulate business growth  

Revolutionary developments such as the creation of game-changing products bring exceptional returns. But this is a noisy, ever-changing, competitive and crowded global marketplace and success is based on managing products, services, markets and the customer experience to best effect.

We believe in the holistic integration of multiple disciplines through the entire development and distribution process and our team brings a unique perspective to all projects large and small, from strategic to tactical.  This may require entering new segments of an existing or new market, converting non-customers into customers, devising and managing awareness campaigns, or increasing engagement.  

We add exceptional value when development or distribution is challenging.  Organisations work with us because we work alongside them, delivering new ideas, insight, routes to market and best-of-class sales and marketing support.