BxBy is proud to be working on the business and marketing strategy and launch for Corporate Safeguarding (CoS), a company offering a complete safeguarding service with support to businesses.

CS logobrand mark 300x300CoS's PEMSĀ® portfolio of services are focused on regulation, reputation and responsibility.  This complete solution, delivered by a highly experienced team of experts, helps organisations improve safeguarding standards, lead by example and encourage and embed a robust safeguarding culture that benefits and better protects them and society at large. 

Corporate Safeguarding is an integral part of good governance against which the performance of companies may be measured in terms of how well they apply social responsibility values to their business.  From a regulatory or corporate responsibility viewpoint, every company whose employees or business partners engage directly or indirectly with young or vulnerable people in the workplace or in their community, has a legal and moral duty of care to do all it can to protect them from harm. 

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