"Necessity is the mother of invention" is an English-language proverb. It means, that the primary driving force for most new inventions is a need. There are great ideas and then there are great ideas that are commercial innovations.

You may have a good concept and think it is unique but have you really done your research? You can't assume that an idea isn't already in existence even if it hasn't appeared on the market. It maybe registered or perhaps it isn't really commercially viable.

The British Library helps small business owners, entrepreneurs and inventors take the right steps to start up, protect and grow their business or ideas. You can access the British Library's market research and company databases or sign up to one of its new skills workshops.

If you are scaling up for growth, the Business & IP Centre offers free support through its Innovating for Growth programme. You can also go to international patent offices and undertake thorough online searches.

If you engage or discuss your ideas with a commercial organisation before taking steps to protect it, you run the risk that it will be copied (and lost forever). So it is important to keep it to yourself and get a confidentiality agreement drawn up. You can get help, find advice or discuss your plans with an impartial expert like a patent attorney, or go to the Institute of Patentees & Inventors.

More and more businesses need to prioritise commercial growth and exploit creativity in a commercial context for commercial ends. So if you have gone through the preliminary stages and are now wanting to develop your brand, product, service or markets or would like to commercialise your idea, then do contact the commercial innovation experts at BxBy. We're here to advise and can help you with business planning, distribution, presentation, marketing and commercialisation of your product or business. This is an ever changing, competitive and crowded global marketplace, where budgets need to work harder and success is based on managing products to best effect. 

Differentiation and competitive advantage is important.  Commercial innovation matters.

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