Commercial innovation consultancy BXBY Global is delighted to announce it has joined forces with award-winning PR and social media powerhouse ://CORPORACT (London), to form a dedicated Public Relations division.  This agreement expands BXBY’s portfolio of B2B, B2C, retail, healthcare and professional services’ clients, enhances its marketing capabilities and pools talent.

Formalising an integrated working structure will enable BXBY to expand its client portfolio, leverage regional knowledge, be more competitive, share professional development and learning and create enhanced opportunities for its clients.

://CORPORACT has a track record of delivering creative ideas powered by best of class systems and strategies. This partnership will enable BXBY to offer fully-integrated business services across a range of disciplines and platforms from a single source.

Commenting on the partnership, Director of BXBY Pauline Christie said: “The way our customers communicate with their stakeholders and those that influence them is changing. To have a conduit between our clients and their customers, to help them to navigate change, engage effectively with their stakeholders, shine above their rivals in crowded, highly competitive marketplaces and experience the power of collaboration, is a significant advantage.”

“The crux of innovation is about fulfilling customer needs, whether customers are aware of their needs or whether they are created. In matching creative excellence with commercial success and launching our new service offering, to say ‘we have it covered’ would be an understatement. We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead."

If you would like to promote your business or brand please or require best-of-class PR services contact us.

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