The first phase of a large scale dedicated 360° safeguarding programme is scheduled to be rolled out to 53 Academy schools across four multi-agency Trusts in Hampshire, Surrey, Thames Valley and the surrounding areas by Guildford-based child and adult safeguarding company Ethica Solutions. This unique programme will provide an holistic 360° safeguarding service underpinned by education, mentorship, new technology and innovation, that will support 4200 teachers and staff over a three-year period.  It also responds to the requirement of the 2017 Children’s & Social Worker’s Act for schools to provide relationships and sex education, by offering student seminars and workshops for all age groups. 

The last OFSTED Annual Report flagged weaknesses and serious concerns about the effectiveness of some schools to tackle safeguarding. The common thread in those establishments where the safeguarding provision was ineffective was a lack of rigorous oversight, including leaders not regularly checking that they were fulfilling their responsibilities. Around a third of these providers did not train staff effectively but, critically, inadequate practical action was taken to reduce potential risks to learners.

Commenting on Ethica Solutions’ 360° Safeguarding programme, former senior Police Officer, safeguarding expert and Education Director, Dr. Richard John said: “We are delighted to be rolling out this significant safeguarding service for schools. In my experience, I have yet to see an holistic service that travels from the Governing Body and Head Teacher to the teachers, safeguarding leads, teaching assistants and ancillary staff, to the children we strive to protect.

Protection of vulnerable people is everyone’s responsibility and our 360° programme takes a practical approach to delivery and assessment, whilst maintaining the rigour of regulatory requirements. Our mission is to get a safeguarding culture embedded throughout an organisation and for it to be effective we must work with, and help, safeguarding professionals. Having a policy is not enough, it must be put into practice, be well-supported, audited and evaluated, and this is where we can provide resources, assistance and guidance.  Teaching staff and our protectors are under immense time and budgetary pressure so we believe a proactive, strategic approach that is well supervised, will to help combat risks, provide education, mentorship and build long-term trust and partnerships.  This is a highly effective solution for all.”


Bookings are now being taken for Autumn training programmes. For those interested in strategic safeguarding expertise or requiring further information on Ethica Solutions’ 360° safeguarding services, forthcoming seminars and workshops, please contact us:

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